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Stay Night In Paradise. Guest Rooms To stay


One night’s stay will tell you how fresh you get up the next morning. So fresh that even the Sun looks fresh, clean and rejuvenated. It’s like a rebirth every morning. The surrounding trees, ever growing shrubs and unending meadows drape mother in a million shades of green. As the layers of vermilion, cerise, cerulean, cobalt, turquoise flower out from the finite ground your soul is drawn into their other-worldly infinite. It surely has a natural healing power. This is what’s known to humankind as bliss.


The Proposed Arabica Guest House will have 4 well maintained rooms. Rooms can be booked in advance. Every room comes with a double bed and bath and entitles a free breakfast. Lunch, Dinner and Snacks are provided on request at cost. The guest house is primarily meant for those prospective property owners in Arabica Gardens.

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