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The most preferred tourism destination is now a residential paradise

Kalpetta / Wayanad

The most preferred tourism destination is now a residential paradise

Surrounded by dense coffee plantations and mountains, Kalpetta, the headquarters of Wayanad District, is a major hub to all the tourist destinations in the Nilgiris. The pollution free atmosphere gives it the priority as a most preferred residential area of Malabar.

Wayanad being the beacon of Malabar tourism, Kalpetta today, is priced the most in Wayanad. Easy access to major cities like Calicut, Mysore and Bangalore and tourist destinations like Ooty, Mudumalai and Bandippur make Kalpetta a much sought after town for the tourist as well.

From the hustle and bustle of crowded city life, quietly lie Kalpetta in the lap of natural luxury. The morning golden sunshine and the evening mist mix well giving you the feel of paradise regained.


Being the Head quarters of Wayanad Kalpetta enjoys all the benefits of a District capital. Government offices, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Super Markets, Communication facilities every such thing is at par with any major city in Kerala.

Pleasant climate, unpolluted air, friendly people, abundant water, sprawling spice gardens, never ending paddy fields- all these make Wayanad a most preferred residential destination.

In the plight to have a piece of land in a peaceful setting, people choose the best available to them. For the price they can afford. Today, any piece of land in Kerala especially if it's in the District Head quarters is beyond the reach of common man. Considering the future exodus of NRIs back home in Kerala, there will not be enough land even for those who can afford a good price. This future demand for land makes a prudent NRI to buy one today at an amazingly low price compared to the land cost in any town in Kerala.

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